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Elpack was founded in 1970.

Its first products were weighing machines for various materials in various capacities. In those days very few companies dealt with electronic scales and Elpack was a groundbreaker in using electronic load cells. The production of load cells for small weights was then in its infancy. Linear weighing systems were a huge success, among whose advantages were automatic recalibration before each cycle and automatic adjustment of the weight with consideration of material in the air.

In 1980 Elpack began to develop combinatorial weighing systems, at a time when there were only a few companies in existence that worked in that field. Elpack's combinatorial weighing machines were highly successful and sold well in Europe and the U.S.

Later on auger filler systems were added as well as additional filler systems for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

In order to complete the line of products, Elpack developed the GL-250 packaging machine, a robust and reliable machine that was very successful. Other models were later added, such as square-bottomed bag packaging machines, machines for four-cornered bag packaging, and machines for working with polyethylene packaging materials.

In 2009, LIAD Weighing and Control Systems acquired Elpack's operations and IP, and has since continued to sell Elpack's products, support the existing systems, and serve old and new customers.

In 2018 end-of-line systems such as boxing packages and palletizing were added to Elpack's range of products.