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AFS-model auger fillers are easy to install and to operate. With a combination of weight control and a manually operated feedback control, the powder feeders provide a simple solution for packaging ground coffee, spices, laundry powder, and many other products. An AFS-model auger filler combined with a vertical packaging machine constitutes a complete filling and packaging line.

AFS-model auger fillers allow the user to change the auger speed to suit many types of products.

The systems operate in two work modes in accordance with the user and the product's requirements: volumetric filling – by the number of turns and feedback from the scale, or gravimetric filling – the material is fed directly into the container by coarse and fine feeding.

AFS-model auger fillers include a level sensor for control of the filling of the system.

The feeders are equipped with the following:

  • A multilingual color touch screen

  • 10 predefined programs

  • An automatic feedback system

  • Automatic compensation is built into the weighing system

Technical information:

Weighing range 50-1000 grams
Accuracy ±1%
Output 50-60 per minute (depending on the product and the weight)
Electric requirements Three-phase 380VAC, 280KWA, 50 Hz