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SOC-model linear weighing machines are controller-based weighing systems with one or more channels. The systems are ideal for products such as sugar, rice, seeds, coffee beans, granulated coffee, sweets, cookies, other food products, frozen products, metal components, and a wide range of other items.

The weighing systems are simple to use and install – they can be characterized in minutes, even by an untrained team.

SOC-model linear weighing machines are modular machines and can easily be integrated into a packaging line with an automatic vertical packaging machine, filling bags, cans, or boxes.

Main Advantages:

  • Controlled by a programmed controller (PLC) for simple and easy operation

  • Multi-lingual colored touch screen

  • Easy transition from one product to the next

  • Automatic tare calibration before each weighing cycle

  • Automatic self-adjustment, checking at the end of each weighing cycle and automatically adjusting the operation

  • No underweight

  • Interface with packaging machines and conveyor belts

  • Does away with the need for manual packing, thus reducing manpower costs

  • 100 predefined programs

Technical information:

Weighing range Range of models from 30 g to 5 kg, highest-to-lowest range: 1 to 20
Operating Speed Up to 16 weighings per minute in one channel, 32 weighings per minute in two channels, 48 weighings per minute in three channels
Resolution 0.01%
Precision 0.2% (depending on product)
Electrical Requirements 220 volt, 50 Hz
Air Requirements 20 liters/minute, 5 atmospheres