About Us

הינך נמצא כאן

Elpack is a longstanding and well-reputed brand and has been a synonym for high-quality combinatorial weighing systems and vertical packaging machines for over 45 years. Elpack has a range of systems for the food industry: vertical packaging machines, linear and combinatorial weighing systems, auger filler systems for powdered materials, and end-of- line systems. Elpack's systems are suited for the weighing and packaging of many different products, such as nuts & seeds, spices, snacks, cookies, baby food, cocoa, coffee, vegetables, and various agricultural products. The brand is owned by LIAD Weighing and Control Systems and operated by a highly experienced professional team.

Consultation and Service, Experience and Reliability

Elpack's advanced-technology systems are complemented by a sales staff with many years of experience that also provides engineering advice in the fields of weighing and packaging. The winning combination of experience and technology facilitates new business opportunities and opens the door to unlimited possibilities for manufacturers in Israel and around the world.